A bike ride on your wedding day

Connor and Cece have quite a personality! These guys seriously thought of everything. Not only Cece put together a lot of the wedding decor, but she also made sure that they guys would have fun matching socks, and even found matching shoes for her and Connor. So why not surprising our couple with a matching mopped for their creative session with us.  

You may think we had to drive this moped on the busy highways of Chicago, in order to get it from the rental place to their wedding venue, and you are right! Jon looked pretty funny, as he drove in style, wearing a suit and a helmet to the wedding. But hey, this proofs how much we wanted them to have this bike for their session. 

Later at their reception, one of the biggest hits was our selfie-cam. Check this out!

These guys had a very big wedding party, including some really tall people that were completely opposites to some short ones. It was super fun to pair the tallest groomsman with the shortest bridesmaid. Their personalities were hilarious and made some really fun entrances at the reception.  

We've been to so many parties, but this one particularly was one of the funnest ones we've ever been. #hugheshappenings


From piano students, to piano partners

Melanie and Lyndon have a quite an impressive love story. It all started when they were 7 years old and they started their piano lessons at a nearby school. They shared multiple piano recitals together, and lots of memories that lead them to a beautiful love story. So what would be more fitting than incorporating an old piano into their engagement session...

In the midst of music sheets and a cup of coffee, their session took place all around Yorkville and Oswego, IL. A big thanks to Cobblestone Bakery in Yorkville, IL.

An Elvis Presley Engagement Session... why not?

You don't have to try too hard to make it a themed session. You just have to pick the right outfits and the right location. 

Meet Cara and Mike. A red head with a bunch of tattoos, and a handsome fiancee with tons of energy and trendy clothes.

It's all about matching, without over doing it. 

It's on the little details.

It's on portraying your personalities.

The rest, leave it to us at Le Cape Weddings.

A Ritz Carlton Destination Wedding

Traveling had never been this fun! As photographers, there is nothing more exciting than a bride on these spectacular views that the Caribbean brings to us. 

It all started with just a few guests, but the more their friends heard about the beautiful location they had chosen to get married, the more people signed up to join Hesam and Mahsa on their celebration of their wedding day.

And for any of you planning or even thinking of having a destination wedding, here is to the perfect calendar of events at a destination wedding!

Day 1

Welcome Party

Connect with friends and family to the St. Thomas Virgin Islands, US. Between an amazing dinner with fresh Lobsters and other seafood deliciousness, a live band, a few performances and toasts by some of their dearest family members opened up the weekend of celebrations.

Day 2

Island Hopping

Gather all your guests and take them Island hopping with the help of 9 private charter boats and jump from the different excursions that the islands offer on that season of the year. There is everything from Snorkeling on the deep seas, fishing, swimming with dolphins or manta-rays, etc. Then meet at the best restaurant along the marina, better known as Foxy's at the Jost Van Island and enjoy some legit fresh catches of the day.


Day 3

Wake up slow to a beautiful wedding day with the views of tranquil big blue sea.

Our couple woke up early in the morning for a romantic walk along the beach, and hand picked shells for their guest name tags. They wanted each guest to know how special and how valuable their friendship is to them, and these shells were just a little something to remind them that they are all unique and cherished to them, all on their very own ways.

The ceremony began at around sunset, and took place right on the beach with a beautiful big tree, that symbolized the beginning of their own family tree. This over the top romantic ceremony, with violins and a traditional Persian service was immediately followed by a super fun cocktail hour at a deck overlooking the beach, with a live slow motion booth, drinks and tropical music.

The wedding reception featured a grand entrance with sparklers and an awesome performance by their DJ, toasts and a super fun cutting of the cake dance, lots of dancing and a ridiculous amount of delicious food. 

Day 4

Farewell Breakfast

Make sure you don't start it too early, but your guest will love meeting again for a farewell breakfast. Don't expect too much energy out of your guests, but expect long conversations with them as you recap the last couple of days you've spent together. Let the hotel worry about the logistics, and don't worry about decor. The island itself and the vibes of the caribbean will do for this occasion. Some of your guests will probably stay a few days enjoying the trip on their own, and some may just take off. Just make sure you and your hubby get some good rest and that you get to have some time alone.

Chicago Wedding at Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center with Megan & Karthik

We love to get the chance to work with Indian weddings! These weddings usually last around three to four days. They are full of traditions, rituals, and big families! We were so excited to be part of capturing Karthik and Megan’s amazing wedding. Each venue location was beautiful, with colorful decorations and spacious areas for all the wedding festivities. All four days were filled with so much laughter, colors, family, and special memories!

During the first day, called Mehndi, the women and girls had their hennah tattoos done. Megan’s hennah was so thoughtfully created. Looking closely, she had the letters from Karthik’s name spread out throughout that Henna. Her henna turned out beautifully, making it one of the best ones we’ve seen!

On the day of Vedhi, a lot of religious and traditional rituals were done. 

The third day, known as Garba, each family member was introduced while a live band played in the background. Not only were Karthik and Megan coming together as a couple in marriage, but two families merging into one. It was a very fun way for everyone to meet each other. Ashyana Banquets was decorated so beautifully! They also had a lot of fun entertainment during the night.

Finally the last day, known as Baraat, came with the processional starting at 8 am. With Indian Weddings, one of the most impressive things is the amount of energy there is! Members from both families were jumping and dancing. If that wan’t enough, Karthik’s parents surprised the couple by hiring a group of dancers and performers to add to the celebration. The energy from the group, dancers, drummer, and the speakers was so intense! Again, we could not believe it was only 8 in the morning! With all the celebration and dancing going on, Karthik came in riding on a magnificent white horse.


At that time, the families came together as one with Karthik being officially welcomed into the family, and thus, beginning the welcoming ceremony. At the welcoming ceremony, each of Megan's family member-uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc- exchanged real flower necklaces with one another. They were called one by one, and some hugged and teared up with excitement to receive the gift. Afterwards, they concluded with a prayer.

Le Cape Weddings - Reinnassance Convention Center in Schaumburg Weddings - Indian Wedding - Karthik and Megan 2234.jpg

Once seated inside, the ceremony continued. Eventually it came time for the bride to come. After each bridesmaid walked in, Megan entered. She came in on a Doli, a platform which looked like a flying carpet, carried by her uncles and closest relatives. She looked absolutely stunning. The entire ceremony was again, beautiful, ending with very emotional time. 

At this is the point, the bride symbolically leaves her family to be with his. After many tearful goodbyes, the couple left together in order to prepare for the reception.

After getting ready and before the reception, Megan and Karthik both took turns exchanging gifts. From Megan, a beautiful scrapbook filled with memories of their relationship. From Karthik, a creatively designed canvas with a picture of them together. Now it was time for the party!

As with tradition receptions, the bridal parties and important guests take turns entering the hall, and finally, bride and groom enter as they are announced an officially married couple. We had a blast capturing it all through photography and film. Throughout the evening, people danced, spoke, performed, and had a amazing time celebrating Karthik and Megan.