A bike ride on your wedding day

Connor and Cece have quite a personality! These guys seriously thought of everything. Not only Cece put together a lot of the wedding decor, but she also made sure that they guys would have fun matching socks, and even found matching shoes for her and Connor. So why not surprising our couple with a matching mopped for their creative session with us.  

You may think we had to drive this moped on the busy highways of Chicago, in order to get it from the rental place to their wedding venue, and you are right! Jon looked pretty funny, as he drove in style, wearing a suit and a helmet to the wedding. But hey, this proofs how much we wanted them to have this bike for their session. 

Later at their reception, one of the biggest hits was our selfie-cam. Check this out!

These guys had a very big wedding party, including some really tall people that were completely opposites to some short ones. It was super fun to pair the tallest groomsman with the shortest bridesmaid. Their personalities were hilarious and made some really fun entrances at the reception.  

We've been to so many parties, but this one particularly was one of the funnest ones we've ever been. #hugheshappenings